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We are the Central Coast’s top landscaping company, Servicing All of the Central Coast, NSW.

Central Coast Landscaping is the leading garden landscaping company in the Central Coast area. Our team of experts wants to help you make the most of your property outdoors. We specialize in constructing garden landscapes that bring out the best in every property. With our help, you’ll be able to love your outside space.

The team at Central Coast Landscaping offers several different services to complete your landscape design. When you want the best quality services in Central Coast and surrounding communities, you can contact us. We offer the following services:

● Landscape gardening
● Retaining walls
● Paving
● Lawn installation & more

Are you tired of dealing with contracting crews that never show up on time and leave for days at a time? The teams at Central Coast Landscaping know how frustrating it can be when you’re dealing with contractors who don’t care about their job. Every landscaping contractor on our team enjoys what they do and they are passionate about helping customers with their landscaping skills.

We show up at the arranged time eager to start the job and we don’t quit until we’re finished. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure every customer has a good experience with us from the moment they call to inquire about services to our last day on the job. This is why our contractors have the best reputation in the Central Coast area.

Our team of contractors aim to make your landscaping vision with your yard come to life. That is why we make sure we try to keep updated with industry trends and guidelines. We also make sure we follow the local council requirements when working with our clients.

Are you in need of new landscaping on your property, but not sure what will look good? Reach out to us at Central Coast Landscaping. Our experts can help you decide on a landscaping layout that makes your property look better and gives you space to create a stylish garden bed.

Every property on Central Coast has the potential to be appealing, it just takes the right landscaping design. When you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor space, give us a call at Central Coast Landscaping. Do you need Landscaping Central Coast? Contact us now for a free quote. 

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Central Coast Landscapers

To achieve the best garden bed for your property, you’ll need the help of landscape gardening experts. The team at Central Coast Landscaping offers a variety of services to help Central Coast residents by building landscapes that truly bring out the beauty of their properties.

When it comes to building a garden area that has everything you desire, there are a few different services needed to complete the look. Central Coast Landscaping contractors specialize in all areas of building your dream garden landscape.

Landscape Gardening

Central Coast Landscaping contractors can work any uneven or difficult terrain to create a stunning garden area. No property is too challenging for this team to make look better.

Retaining Walls

Central Coast Landscaping builds retaining walls and tiered retaining walls, making it possible to achieve a garden bed anywhere on your property. This is the most attractive way to keep your garden protected.


Central Coast Landscaping can create a paved area along your new garden landscape or pull up an existing paved area to replace it with fresh concrete. There is a lot that can be done with a paved area.

Lawn Installation Central Coast

Lawn Installation

Central Coast Landscaping contractors can install a new lawn that’s attractive and low maintenance. We will even install an irrigation system so you don’t have to keep up with watering your lawn.

We can do many things for your backyard including landscaping lawn replacement retaining walls

Our Values

Landscape Design Central Coast


What Our Clients Say

The team at Central Coat Landscaping came up with some amazing ideas for our landscaping. They were so easy to work with and I still can’t believe how amazing our backyard looks now.
Rachel T.

Landscaping Central Coast Benefits

When you’re ready to improve the garden landscape on your property, you need to seek help from a trusted landscape contracting crew. The #1 garden landscaping team in the Central Coast area is Central Coast Landscaping. We strive to show every one of our customers the true benefits of garden landscaping.

The right landscape can give you endless possibilities when it comes to planting your garden. You can line certain areas with your favorite flowers and shrubs or turn an open area into a beautiful vegetable garden. These are just a few of the things we can help homeowners in Central Coast achieve.

There are many benefits that come along with a great garden landscape. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Looks & Feels Great

One of the main benefits of contacting Central Coast Landscaping is that your new garden landscape will look amazing. The yard will be set up perfectly for your to start planting your ideal garden bed. You can come home to a yard that’s filled with your favorite plants making you feel great about how your property looks.

A new landscape will give your yard a complete makeover. Homeowners throughout the Central Coast area are amazed by how beautiful their home looks with a good garden landscape design.

Perfect For Entertaining

When you’re spending time outdoors in your backyard, it’s always better when you’re surrounded by appealing landscape. A beautiful landscape will help create the right setting for backyard parties and barbecues. Your guests will be impressed by your gardening skills, even if all you did was place a few plants you bought from the garden center in your new garden bed.

A well designed landscape will also impress your neighbors. You won’t be the only one who enjoys coming home to see the nicely built landscape design.

Low Maintenance

Gardening is a lot of fun and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, especially when you have the right landscape to work with. The contractors at Central Coast Landscaping can build a landscape on your property that won’t require a lot of work on your behalf. You will be able to plant your favorite flowers and shrubs so you can enjoy your outdoor space.

When you have the right landscape to work with, maintaining a great looking garden can be very easy. This low-maintenance activity will make your home a more attractive place.

Increase the Value of Your Home

A new and attractive garden landscape can increase the value of your home. This is an investment that’s worth making. Constructing a garden landscape is a huge improvement to your property. It will also attract more high ticker buyers if you decide to sell your home.

Another great benefit of a good garden landscape is that it adds more curb appeal to your property. This is something your neighbors will highly appreciate.


Landscape Gardening Central Coast

One of the most effective ways to improve the overall appearance of your home is with a good garden landscape. The team at Central Coast Lanscaping is the #1 local contracting team that specializes in landscape construction for gardens. These experts can turn your property into one of the most appealing places in your neighborhood.

● Custom garden landscape designs from the best landscape designer in Central Coast
● A committed team of experts that can make even the most difficult terrain into a stylish garden area
● 5-star reviews in Central Coast & surrounding areas
● Customer-orientated team that put every customer’s vision and budget first when building a new landscape
● An professional team that will take care of every aspect of the job, including obtaining a building permit for the landscape

Central Coast Landscaping will make the entire process easier for you. Our friendly team is incredibly helpful and ready to answer any questions you may have. We want you to have all the right information before deciding on which garden landscape layout is right for your home.

Are you ready for a new garden landscape? Get in touch with Central Coast Landscaping today to get started. All Central Coast residents get a free quote.


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a beautiful investment for any property owner to consider. The landscape contractors at Central Coast Landscaping know how a retaining walls can improve the value of a home and take extra care to ensure every retaining wall they build is up to a high level of quality.

● Beautiful retaining walls and tiered retaining walls build along your property’s structure
● Walls built to protect your garden beds and make them more appealing
● Stylish retaining walls built using the best quality materials in the industry, including stones, rocks, and bricks
● Team of licensed and experienced contractors that pride themselves on delivering high quality work
● Walls that are designed to stay in tact with little maintenance for many decades

If you want your garden landscape to make your property look more appealing then you need to consider the addition of retaining walls. The team at Central Coast Landscaping has extraordinary building skills and always complete the job to your standards. We’ll make sure you get a retaining wall that’s well worth the investment.

Do you think retaining walls are the right move for your garden landscape? Contact Central Coast Landscaping today to learn more about our retaining wall services. All Central Coast residents will receive a free quote.



Do you feel like your garden landscape is missing something? Why not add a paved area so you can set up patio furniture and make the most of your garden landscape? This is one of the easiest solutions to complete the look of a garden landscape while giving you and area to relax and socialize.

● Expert contractors with many years of paving and excavation experience
● Can create a new paved area for you to set up a social area and create a walkway to prevent people from stepping on your garden mulch and soil
● Our team can remove an old paved area and replace it with new concrete for a more attractive outdoor area
● Paved sections allow you more area to plant flowers and shrubs because framing them with your favorite plants is a stylish way to make concreting more appealing
● Contractors that are familiar with using paving machinery, such as excavators and skid steer loaders
● Paved areas that stay in good condition for many years

The final touch to your garden landscape is fresh paving. If you’re interested in adding a paved section to your yard, you need to get in touch with Central Coast Landscaping. Our contractors are the #1 local experts when it comes to putting down paving that’s strong and attractive. Contact us today for a free quote.


Lawn Installation

A garden landscape gives you more space for planting a garden that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. However, a garden landscape won’t be all that appealing if it’s not complimented by a nice lawn of grass. One of the best ways to make a fast and efficient improvement to how your yard looks is with lawn installation services from Central Coast Landscaping.

● Landscaping experts install beautiful green lush grass on your property for instant appeal
● Low maintenance lawn care to make keeping your yard beautiful an easy task
● Options to install a sprinkler or irrigation system to keep your lawn watered without having to worry about it
● Can upgrade areas of your lawn that are dead, burnt, or don’t have grass growing
● Faster than planting grass seed and guaranteed to look good

Homeowners deserve to have a lawn that looks good and makes them feel good about their property. You shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed when you point out which property if yours. Central Coast Landscaping can help you feel proud of your yard with our lawn installation and landscaping services.

Want to learn more about our lawn installation services? Give us a call today and receive a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of variables need to be considered when pricing a landscaping project so it’s hard to give a single answer. Each property has different variables including the size of the area to be landscaped, the slope, how much preparation will be needed (eg do we need to remove soil, trees, rocks, etc first?) what you will need done, what sort of materials will be needed and how much labour will be needed to put it all together. To give you a very rough idea a very simple landscaping project could be a thousand dollars, whereas a large, complex design could be $50,000 or more. So it’s best to get a custom quote so you’ll get a more accurate idea.

Every landscaping project is different so the time to complete will vary considerably. Factors include the size of the area to be landscaped, what type of work is needed (eg retaining walls, excavation, fences, decks, pathways, etc), if there’s any delays in receiving materials and also the weather can cause unexpected delays as well. We’d recommend that factor is delays and not have a tight deadline to have your project finished by just in case. Overall a simple project could be a day or two worth or work, or a larger and more complex one could potentially be a few weeks of work.

We certainly do provide free quotes. We are happy to visit you onsite and have a chat and a look at the area you’d like landscaped, we can then take your ideas and preferences and come up with some suggestions for you.

A professionally landscaped garden can significantly increase the value price cost of your property.